Wednesday, July 13, 2011


How about a little snapshot of what has been going on in my world?
I mentioned in my last blog, whenever the hell that was, that I was thinking about giving up this whole blogging thing. I guess I'll keep it up, but I'm not going to worry much about it.  I just wish I had something monumental to write about… now that I've gotten married, bought a house and had 2 babies the excitement is pretty much over with.
On with it… last week I had a dental implant. I was born missing one tooth and the one on the other side is super tiny (the teeth right next to my front teeth), I've had a fake tooth in there since I was in about 4th grade. I've always wanted to have an implant but they are super expensive and my insurance never covered them… until now! The technology is much better than it used to be so we decided it was time to finally do it, especially since it was the entire reason for having braces again. I had that done Friday morning and it was actually pretty easy (general anesthesia always makes you think that). My mother-in-law came down for the whole weekend to help out with the kiddos and I got to sleep. It was awesome; I want to have some sort of surgery that is fairly easy to recover from at least once a month. I won't show you pictures yet, it looks a little gruesome (although, it actually looks normal as long as I wear my retainer)… I'll have the crown placed after about 4 months and I'll be smiling then!
Yesterday I had my first meeting with my new personal trainer. I was a little nervous about it because I'm so out of shape, but it went really well. He kicked my ass and I'm actually looking forward to going back. I'm a bit sore today, but it will be totally worth it when I'm buying super cute clothes in the (hopefully not too distant) future.
I got to have lunch with my sister yesterday… we had a good time and then we were asked TWICE in less than 10 minutes if we were twins. She is 7 years older than me, so either she looks amazing or I need to sign up for a little botox. I'm thinking it's both.
I need a cupcake, or a cookie, or some s'mores. Damnit.


kimert said...

I loved when you said you met with a trainer!! So fun! I'm jealous... seriously, call me crazy!

Chell said...

Life totally happens. I am now a spur of the moment maybe once a week or month blogger. LOL