Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Can't Think of a Good Title...

This morning I went to Starbucks to get some coffee (big shocker there!) and someone pulled into the handicap parking spot (with a permit), which is fine, except that three people who appeared perfectly healthy and able bodied hopped out and went in to get their coffee and pastries… that drives me completely insane. I work with a woman who has a handicap permit and often parks in one of the two available handicap spots here… in my opinion, if you are well enough to do either Zumba or Kick Boxing every night of the week, you probably don’t need to be taking a spot away from someone who is truly unable to get around.
Last night I made pumpkin bread… it smelled (and tasted) like yummy fall deliciousness.  Except that every time I make it, it gets a little overdone on the bottom… not burned but just over done. Should I try lower temp and longer cook time?
I wrote a letter yesterday regarding wages that Sean didn’t get paid from a State Job back in April. I was angry and frustrated that the person “helping” me was on vacation again. So I decided to send it to her boss, but Amie convinced me to aim higher… so I sent it to my senators and my congressman. I was shocked when I got a call from Senator Jeff Merkley’s office only 3 hours later telling me that they were going to do what they could to help us out. I always thought writing to your senators was like shouting from a rooftop:  it probably makes you feel better but doesn’t actually accomplish anything. My opinion is changing.
Sean is coming home tonight. I can’t wait to have him back for a couple days but I’m happy to report that we are actually settling into a very nice routine. I am going to survive the next 3 weeks just fine!
At daycare yesterday, Natalee and her friend Grace were talking about boats… Natalee said to Grace “But, my daddy’s boat can swim under water!” I choked on my lunch when I read that (my daycare provider sent me a text to tell me). It is amazing the things that they pick up on!
That’s all for now… what are YOU up to?


Sheila said...

HA! I agree with you on the handicap thing! Mainly because my dad has one! And he has days when it hurts him to walk 20 feet - not to mention further to get to a dr. waiting room, post office, etc. So I high five you on that one!!!!
And pumpkin bread!??!/ I sooo need that recipe! I made cinnamon bread last night but WANT pumpkin bread now!!!

kimert said...

The handicap thing gets on my nerves too but I really try not to judge at all. I don't know if there is some other underlying health issue that I cannot see. When it is someone I KNOW and know they are just abusing the tag, totally different. I get more irritated about those darn PG mama parking spaces. I've seen 50 yr old women (who don't even have a handicap tag), grown men, etc park in those and it bugs me. Anyway... lol I went to Starbucks this morning too!
I made apple cinnamon muffins last night. Pumpkin bread sounds so much better.
Glad you are settling into the routine!