Thursday, October 13, 2011

What was I just saying?

Remember when I said that I was totally rocking this single parent thing? Well, that’s over.
I’m officially and the end of my rope. Mostly because I’m exhausted… Olive got up four times last night, I think she is getting some new teeth. Or she just hates me already.
We also have that dumb dog. The night before she woke me up about 5 times. I may have sent a text to Sean that read: “I f*cking hate your dog. Seriously.” I used to send him ones like “I love you” and “Have a great day” but not anymore.
He is also leaving town this weekend to go hunting. I was supposed to go visit a very good friend next month in Las Vegas but it got shut down because of money. The funny thing? That ticket cost the exact same amount as one hunting license.
None of this is Sean’s fault, but I’m sick of it. He offered to try to get onto a job that is closer to home… but far enough away that he’d have to leave by 5 am and probably wouldn’t get home until 7:30 every night. At least with this project I have him home on Fridays.
Last weekend I stopped at the mall. I didn’t buy anything but I tried on some jeans… mostly because I was curious about what size I am now. Uh, that would be between a 4 and a 6. It was a nice bright shiny spot in my weekend. I wish I was rich so I could buy a whole bunch of them. All of my other jeans can be pulled off without unzipping them. This leads me to my next complaint: I want to eat an entire loaf of bread, and then maybe some French fries and wash it down with a bowl of ice cream. Luckily, that little tiny number tasted a lot better than any of those snacks.
Oh… here is a picture of Sean from last weekend. Yes, those chickens tasted even better than they look:
Did you watch this week’s ‘Parenthood’ yet? I love that show. If you didn’t cry then you have no heart.  
I want to make minestrone soup this weekend. Do you have a good recipe for that?


kimert said...

You are in a 4/6 and said I look skinny!? Whatevs... I'm still in a 12.. sorta 10 but won't convince myself I'm there yet because of the loose flab on my stomach.. anyway, this is your blog...
I'm sorry about the whole single parent thing. :( You are doing an amazing job with it though, from what I can see on this side of the country. ;)
I have to admit that I only half watched Parenthood because it's more DH's show than it is mine. Make sense? Anyway, after you said that yesterday I begged dh to tell me what I missed or that my heart wasn't stone. lol I need to rewatch it and pay attention instead of FB, blog, and Pinterest huh?

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm sorry about the single parenting thing. that has to suck ass.