Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here and Now

Hold on to your hat… this is going to get random.
I think this is the first year since I was a little kid that I’m not all “Grinch-y” and I’m actually enjoying the holiday season.  When you ask Natalee what she wants for Christmas she always answers “A tree” so we got it up around the 2nd of the month and she just loves to look at it.  The houses with lights are fascinating to her; the excitement is palpable and makes it hard to not get excited about the season. 
I just booked a waterfront RV spot for New Year’s.  That will be a lot of fun.  Usually, Sean is always duck hunting over New Year’s, but since I’m still unable to do much, we will spend the holiday together.  I’m excited to get to the coast; we will do some crabbing off the dock… Natalee will get a kick out of that.  Hopefully she can ride her bike and we can fly a kite. These things are exactly why we decided to buy a trailer!  You should join us, it will be great!
Our computer died (again)… isn’t it awesome when that happens?  It is especially great at Christmas when we have tons of extra money (you picked up on the sarcasm, right?).  I just hope I can get the pictures that aren’t backed up yet. Then I hope to use the thing for target practice.
I’m back to work, part time. Working part time totally kicks ass. 8 am to noon? Yes please! I wish I could do this every day and still get paid full time.  What was that? No, not everyone wishes they could do that.  While I was off, my biggest accomplishment was watching The Good Wife from the first episode of season one all the way up to the current one.  It’s my new favorite show. Totally love it.  Do you watch it?  I kind of want her to get back together with Peter all of a sudden…
I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since we started Weight Watchers… I need some new clothes in the worst way; hopefully there are a couple things in Santa’s bag for me to wear.
That’s all for now, folks. I’ll be back sometime soon… promise. Until then, have a wonderful holiday season, stay safe and warm and enjoy the food!


Sheila said...

Gosh I have missed you!! The Good Wife? I will have to check that out - i've been obsessed with Army Wives..I've watched season 1 through season 5 in less than a month! Yeah...that good!
SOOO jealous of you losing 40 lbs! UGH! This fat cow has got to get on the skinny train!
And yea for CHristmas!!! Enjoy it with those little babies! Natalee is PERFECT age!

The Price Family! said...

Love Love LOVe the Good Wife! Im still pulling for her and and Will. : ( I just can't make my myself like Peter. Though he did win me over a little when Grace went missing! Hope you have a GREAT Christmas and a fun New Years.