Monday, February 20, 2012

Random, Uh... Monday

I miss Random Tuesday’s… they were so much fun. I’ve had some random thoughts lately, so why not just throw them all together?
I always order my Starbucks with whipped cream… I like to just eat it right off the top before I put the lid on, but I hate how it always slides away from me when I tip the cup, like it’s actually going to escape. In a perfect world I would get the coffee and then they would put the whipped cream straight into my mouth. Yum.
My Girl Scout cookies arrived yesterday, I bought 6 boxes and they are sitting in the pantry taunting me. A box is considered a single serving, right?
We are working on getting Natalee to give us full, honest answers. Lately when I say “What are you doing?” she answers “Nothing” which is code for: something I shouldn’t be doing.  So, we don’t allow “nothing” and she always has to give an answer, no matter how mundane her current activity. Last night she comes into the living room with 3 cans of tuna.
Natalee: Dad, what are these?
Sean: They are cans of tuna. Why did you take them out of the pantry?
Natalee: (Looks incredulous) because I can reach them.
I mean, why else would I have them??

Saturday night after the girls went to bed, I was in the bedroom watching TV that Sean doesn’t like (Grey’s & Private Practice), he came in about 12 times talking about random stuff and taking laundry with him. He stayed up until 2 am and finished, folded & hung up all the laundry.  He said that his neck was bothering him so he took a pain killer. Apparently, they make him kind of wound up and want to clean. I need to find more of them then crush them up and put them in his food. That is the best side effect I’ve ever heard of.

Friday night I went to the ‘Pink Out’ gymnastics meet at Oregon State. We go every year and always have a lot of fun. This year I brought Marni along, because that is always entertaining. Good news for those who are close by… Marni and I will be making tons of delicious treats for Olive’s birthday party, this girl can bake!
Taking my picture with Marni is kind of like taking it with a celebrity. Kind of.

My sister and I at the meet... and half of Olive's head behind me.


Karen said...

Looks like you ladies just came off the runway. Anxious for Lee to meet Marni (finally!)

Lyndsay said...

I want to go watch gymnastics and eat cookies with you.