Friday, March 23, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

I have lots I'd like to blog about, but none of it is interesting so how about a little photo dump from my phone? That's fun, right? Not all of them were taken with my phone but are on here because I just loved them! Like this first one: my mom, step dad and Baby Olive at her party. I just love that you can see how amazingly blue her eyes are!

It snowed here! This is the first day, we got about 9-10" more after this. I was so excited and Sean even got 2 days off work. Not fair.

Holly loved the snow. She didn't want to come in at all.

I organized my sewing room and it is so much easier and more pleasant to work up there now.

Then I crafted up some cute dresses for the girls and my niece, Macy.

Natalee was around, too:

I got my 4" heels for a wedding I'm going to be in. I will probably fall down on my face.

My sewing labels showed up!

Sean put a new shelf in my closet!!

And, Olive is starting to pull herself up. Only for food or a bath but at least it's progress!

That is all.

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Lyndsay said...

Trying to get caught up today!! Great pictures. Your girls are so adorable. Love Natalee's tights especially!!

Hope you've had a relaxing, crafty weekend!!

Sheila said...

Love the pics! ANd your closet is WAY to organized! Seriously?! By color?! I jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was a very sweet post! I just found you through A life-Size Catholic Blog/ Holly's. I think your sewing room looks great! Very spacious! ♥♥♥