Monday, March 5, 2012

Party Time

Every time I hear the words “Party Time” I can’t help but sing in my head… “Wayne’s World, Excellent.” And if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, we can’t be friends anymore.
OK, enough of that. Over the weekend, little Miss Olive turned one. Can you believe that? It’s been a whole year that she has spent torturing lighting up our lives. We have had a few rough spots but we got through 12 whole months. This party that I threw was way more about me than it was about her. I’m sure this post is supposed to be all reflective about how wonderful the last year has been, but it really hasn’t been so this post isn’t going to be about that.
On to the party… I found some great ideas on Pintrest and then I sent them to Marni who was instantly sucked into my party planning vortex.  We had big amazing ideas, and we actually made it happen. Everything turned out beautifully and everyone was very impressed with us. We are ready to open our party planning business now.
Cake pops, Oreo Pops, Cake in a jar, dipped marshamallows, cookie pops, cake in a jar, handmade lollipops, mini cupcakes, oh my!
I actually took real pictures with my own camera, but my computer is still in the shop so, well, you get what’s on my iPhone and what I stole from Marni’s blog.
White chocolate dipped marshmallows... yum!
Aside from all the awesomeness that Marni and I created, Sean made an amazing pasta bar with to-die-for meatballs. Oh so good.
Do you see my adorable bunting I made? Ignore the idiot in the picture, that is just George, he is Marni’s husband. They make such a great pair.
You know what’s best about Marni? She just tells it to you straight. If she thinks you look like sh*t on any given day… she will let you know, then she will take you picture and make fun of you on her blog. Everyone needs a friend like that, right?
Oh! And my boss came to the party. I wish I had gotten a picture… he brought his lovely wife. I’ve been asking him to meet her for 2+ years now, usually by saying something like “I can’t wait to meet the woman that has chosen to marry you” (By the way, Hi Kevin!! ß My boss, he is reading this you know). Anyway his wife was great, funny in the subtle kind of way… I’m pretty sure she made fun of me and I didn’t even know it. I like her…a LOT, she has so much to teach me.
Oh and if you were hoping for cute little pictures of Olive, you’ll have to wait for those. Sorry, remember this party was mostly about me.


Nichole said...

Love this post! (Oh and Happy BIRTH-day mommy!)

Sheila said...

oh my gosh! I kinda hate you a little bit!!!! :)
Will you PLEASE come to Oklahoma next February and do Coby's bday party!??!!? You make me look like a HORRIBEL mother!!!

Brandy@YDK said...

it turned out so awesome. i want to eat all that yummyness

Brandy@YDK said...

you look fab btw.