Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back at It

I'm back!! I'm sure no one missed this non-sense, but I'm back anyway. I didn't get the "other" job, which is actually a huge blessing. I was super conflicted about just the thought of leaving my current job, I knew that if I got the new one there would be a big fight between Sean and I... He wanted me to go and I never ever wanted to leave. So, problem solved. I really do love my job (almost) every single day. I am also working on the coolest project ever. I might tell you about it later, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who thinks its cool, so maybe not.

I threw in a bunch of iPhone pictures and I'll tell you what they are all about:
First up... We are moving Olive into a "big girl" bed. Not because she is ready, but because I can't lift her out of the crib. I asked our pediatrician and he said that the crib is more for the parents than the child and that she will be just fine. I sewed all of her new bedding and I'll do a post on then room when it's all done. Sean said he would paint it tonight (I'm pretty sure that is only because the new bed is really crowding his beer fridge in the garage... whatever works!). These are my two color options, the one on the left is an exact match to the bedding color but we went with the lighter color. It will look really bright in there when its done.

This is my beautiful niece Miss M with the cross body bag that I made her. The strap needs to be shortened, but she could not have cared less. She was pretty excited about it which makes me feel good.

I'm not sure there are too many things better than watching your child sleep. That is mostly because they are actually quiet while doing it. (I kid, I kid).

This adorable creature is Waffles. We dog-sat for her while our friends went on a family camping trip. She is a great dog and we loved having her for a few days. Although, that hair is stuck to everything still, it's like a little part of Waffles is still around.

As a 'thank-you' for watching Waffles, my friend Beth made these AMAZING cookie bars. They are like a peanut butter crust with peanuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows on top. Heavenly. I ate a couple and then took them to work because I would have eaten every last one.  Speaking of eating good bad food... Somehow I've managed to keep off the weight that I began losing over a year ago! I'm holding pretty steady at about 143 pounds. I was as low as 139 at one point but people kept telling me that I didn't look healthy at all. This seems to be my "landing" weight. I watch what I eat and try to make good choices, but I still splurge a little here and there.

My cousin is having a baby next month-ish. I told her before she was ever pregnant that I'd love to make her nursery bedding for her... I'm pretty sure that was before my shoulder totally revolted against me. But, she is having  a little girl and so I rallied to get the bedding sewn. I think it turned out A-DOR-ABLE! I love the yellow/gray/black theme. We can easily change just a couple things and make it into a boy room if needed for the next baby. I also made curtains but we couldn't get a picture because it was so bright outside.

Sean, Natalee, Olive and I went out to dinner last weekend. There was a guy there making balloon animals. He said "challenge me" and Natalee decided that she wanted 'Ariel' from The Little Mermaid. And this guy MADE ONE! Out of balloons! I was totally impressed, Sean even threw down a big tip for that effort!

Sweet Olive... She really does just light up my life. I hope she stays this sweet for a long time. I wish I could freeze her in time. On Sunday she decided that 5:40 was a great time to get up, so I got up and let Sean sleep for once. I got us dressed and put her in the stroller and we walked to Starbucks, she had a milk and I got a coffee. We walked around Fred Meyer and then headed over to Target. By then it was just barely 8AM and the store was totally empty. It was so nice in there. I found a couple great outfits for the girls as the first to get at the newly marked down clearance aisle. Win!!
Olive loves baby dolls, purses and princess crowns. How in the world did I end up with a kid like that? I kinda love it!
Hope to hear from you all... I miss you!

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Lyndsay said...

You are amazing, crafty-lady!

Did you make Natalee's polka-dot sheets? They're super cute. Still waiting on that etsy shop.... you know I'd be a customer.

Jill said...

Nolan's happy you're staying where you're at! I love the baby bedding you made and can't wait to see what you do in Olive's room. I hope the switch to big girl bed goes well for you guys! We're doing that in the next week or so and I'm dreading the possibility of Jace not liking to just lay in his bed for an hour after he wakes up anymore.

Sheila said...

Aww, I missed you@!!!! So glad you are back!!! (this coming from the girl who hasn't blogged in 2 months!)
And can't WAIT to see Olive's bedding and painted room! How exciting!!!