Friday, August 31, 2012

Where we've been

It is August 31st… the last day of my very least favorite month. If I had to put the months in order from most to least favorite, they would be: October November September January March December February April May June July August. If it was up to me, we would just skip right from about June 15 to September 1. What is your favorite month?  I know my feeling on summer totally put me in the minority.
I got some new eye makeup remover; it seems to work great except my vision is blurry. Not in an “I’ve-damaged-my-retinas” type of way, but more like “this stuff is oily” type of way. It worked really well for removing the makeup but I’m not sure that I’ll keep using it.
A few months ago my mother-in-law came to stay with us for a few days. While she was here she did our laundry. Shortly after that I discovered the most brilliant thing in the linen closet. When she folded the sheets, she put the entire set in one of the pillowcases. I then went and put all my sheets that way. It keeps them all together and super tidy. I think it’s one of the best ideas, so I’m sharing it with you! I love simple things that make life just a little bit easier.
Speaking of laundry, I am all about fabric softener these days. I used to always just get the Costco brand stuff, but I have been branching out a little and oh-my-word there are some yummy smelling ones out there. My favorite so far is the Downy Infusions Citrus Spice. Seriously you guys, I washed every blanket and towel in our house just to smell it. I wish it came in a bigger bottle though (No, I was not asked to give that review).

We’ve been doing a little camping. Last weekend we went crabbing on the Oregon Coast and got 84 crab, yum!

Earlier in the month I took the girls to southern Oregon to meet my mom and step dad. Sean was fishing so we loaded up the trailer and headed out on our own. Natalee caught her first fish and the kids swam all day long. It was an awesome weekend, but way too short.

Sean was so sad he missed her first fish, he said it was like missing her first steps.
The kids must have jumped in the water at least a hundred times.

My friend CJ got married on the 18th. She was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I LOVED her short dress; it fit her personality to a tee. The wedding was wonderful and her new husband is the real deal, a total keeper. I’m so happy for them.


Jill said...

How fun that you get to end your least favorite month with a difficult contractor and a project that's become much longer and more frustrating than it should have been! (Sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell)

Lyndsay said...

Yay, an update!
I've had eye makeup remover do that too (and stopped using it - oil in my eyes? Gross!)
Will have to keep an eye out for that fabric softener - I usually use some kind of Downey vanilla one.
Enjoy your fall months (while I mourn the end of summer).

Sheila said...

I've missed you!!! Glad you are back :)

S.I.F. said...

Loving that picture of your little one with her pole... totally reminds me of being a kid and fishing with my dad!